• AI & Campaigning

    New advances in machine learning are reshaping our society at a rapid pace. The past year, since the launch of Open AI’s Chat GPT3, have seen a massive leap in quality and scale of applications made possible by large language models. Unlike previous technological advancements of recent years such as blockchain, with these new tools the practical and imminent use cases for society as a whole have become much clearer. In this dynamic era of technology, understanding how AI can shape and enhance campaigns is crucial for any modern campaigner. Over the next year we'll be working on looking at how AI will shape campaigning by:


    Maintaining a crowdsourced Handbook on AI & Campaigning ✨

    ✨Running trainings for organisations looking to use these new tools✨

    ✨Looking at what tools could be built for campaigners✨


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    Briefing on AI & Campaigning

    A short briefing for organisations thinking about AI and how it will affect elections and workflows.

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    AI & Campaigning Handbook

    Our handbook collates all the latest information on how AI can be used in campaigning.

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    Campaigning AI Tools from our across movement

    Explore our library of different AI experimental tools that have been built by groups across the ecosystem.

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    AI Training


    Our public training slide deck and recorded sessions are available free for organisations.

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    Could artificial intelligence benefit democracy?

    Concern about AI wrecking elections and threatening democracy has reached fever pitch.

    The role of AI in Elections: Times Radio Carole Walker

    Listen to technology entrepreneur Tom Adeyoola & Campaign Lab's Hannah O'Rourke on AI in elections.

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    An alternative to AI Doom mongering

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