• Got skills? Solve the problems that matter

    We are a community of politically minded progressive data scientists, researchers, and campaigners who are working together to develop innovative election tools and improve the way we analyse and understand campaigning. With an election just around the corner, now we need you to help develop the tools that progressives need to win elections.


    If you’re a technologist or a campaigner looking to expand your portfolio, or a progressive wanting to make a difference we would love to hear from you! We run regular hackathons, training and testing sessions, so make sure to check out our Luma for the latest updates to every event we run!


  • Why you should get involved!

    • Hands-On Experience: Work on solving real campaign challenges, exploring what’s possible with technology such as AI and developing tools for campaigners which will be used!
    • Be part of a community: Connect and learn from fellow campaigners and data scientists, and other like-minded people from across the progressive ecosystem.
    • Flexible Scheduling: Contribute at times that work best for you from anywhere you are. All our hack nights are hybrid, so feel free to dial in!
    • Loads of Choice: we have a rolling selection of projects, challenges and research that campaigns ask us for help on. You have the opportunity to choose what kind of projects you want to contribute to and skills you want to develop!
    • Recognition: We provide a regular showcase for all our contributors, you get credit for your own projects and can add us as voluntary experience on LinkedIn.
    • Incubation: Got any idea or a project that will be useful to campaigners? We can provide feedback, some support for hosting etc for prototypes and potential introductions to people who may find it useful!

  • Testimonials from our Network

    • "I thoroughly enjoyed the hack day as we tackled real-world challenges affecting election campaigns. Collaborating with data scientists, researchers, and developers at Campaign Lab was truly commendable. I found great satisfaction in developing innovative solutions and creating tools that have the potential to reshape the political landscape. What particularly impressed me about Campaign Lab was that it wasn't solely focused on building solutions; we also engaged in thoughtful discussions and brainstorming sessions. I'm hopeful that our efforts have made a meaningful impact and eagerly anticipate witnessing the positive changes that result." Dave
    • "I volunteered with Campaign Lab to practice my skills with projects that make a positive change, and the community was so friendly and welcoming! " Lucy 
    • "Incredibly useful session, and helpful for designing campaigns at a local level. If Labour get into government this will help communities push the agenda for tangible change and communicating this back to wider community. The presentation and discussion focusing on insight and reflection on the infrastructure of decision making in Westminster was clear to understand. Thank you I certainly learnt something." Claire
    • "It was great! Really helpful it terms of planning my campaign strategy." Jemmar
    • "It was great! Incredibly helpful and informative." Robin
    • "The team know their stuff and it was a brilliant demo." Lee
    • "Really useful and informative. Great presentation - moved along nicely and showing the practical uses was particularly helpful." Aiden
    • "Thanks for the inspiring mixture of new ideas, along with practical demonstration and advice." Tom
    • "Amazing! One of the most useful things I’ve attended in years." Robert

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