• Our tools for GE 2019

    These were the campaigning and election tech tools we created for the 2019 General Election. Our next step is to analyse their effectiveness and potentially develop them further.

    Vote Early

    This was a non partisan project to rebrand Postal votes as early voting. In a December election we thought people would be less likely to turn out to vote due to the Christmas rush, working long hours and cold weather. Postal votes generally have a much higher turn out rate than voting on the day. In a snap election, where turnout is at risk of being particularly low, postal votes potentially offer an easier way for people to exercise their democratic right to participate. Having spoken to some political psychologists they have suggested re-framing postal votes as more convenient for busy people (who might miss out on voting on the day), rather than for older people who are infirmed. So we created an ad campaign using this messaging and a website that had all the information on one page about what you need to apply for a postal vote i.e. the form and the address of your local electoral services office. www.voteearly.org.uk

    Helpful for: Non partisan bodies like councils and campaigns who want to increase turnout.

    Know your Followers


    This tool helps you to work out what percentage of your followers on Twitter are already exposed to Labour messaging and helps you work out if you are a converter or a mobiliser. You can send this around your CLP to local activists. Can your tweets convert people who aren’t hearing from Labour? Or can your tweets mobilise activists who already hear a lot from Labour? Find out what your audience is like now!


    Helpful for: All activists and Labour members and supporters with a twitter account! 😊

    Get Out The Vote Dashboard


    This tool helps you to track how many volunteers and cars you have in each of your committee rooms and also what the turnout figures are for each polling station which are being collected by your polling agents. The idea is to help you to work out where best to allocate your volunteers on the day.

    Helpful for: On the ground organisers and constituencies who are running a Labour GOTV operation.

    Canvass Insights App

    This tool was built by Campaign Labbers to try and make canvassing data more user friendly - and help campaigns to work out where in a constituency to target.


    Helpful for: On the ground organisers who want to know where to prioritise canvassing on the day.

    Text to let us know you've voted


    We've been testing out a process so you can add a line to your early morning polling day leaflet which encourages people to “text to let us know you’ve voted” where they text their polling card number.

    Helpful for: Non marginal seats who are interested in testing out a campaign innovation or seats who are only doing a dawn drop.

    Will my house be flooded?

    A website that helps to map sea level rises for 2050 to show which parts of the UK will flooded as a result of climate collapse. Check out your postcode here:


    Helpful for: Environmental campaigners keen to make it a climate election.