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    Building the case for an evidence-based approach to campaigning

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  • What are we doing?

    Growing a community

    Campaign Lab brings together campaigners, elected officials, developers and data scientists from across the progressive spectrum in monthly Hack Days and bi-monthly Campaign Confessions workshops.


    We're working to build a network of people committed to a new culture of election innovation and experimentation.

    Building tools to win elections

    For political campaigners the story of politics and technology has often been a fraught one. Tools are often difficult to use or not built with the user in mind.


    Every month we invite campaign organisers from across the UK to join us and share their problems at our Campaign Confessions events.


    Our volunteers draw from and work with their problems to create powerful new, easy-to-use tools tested with activists like us.


    See some of what we've built here.

    Analysing Election Results

    We're building models to better understand election results and identify where results bucked the national political and demographic trends.


    These are areas in which local campaigning may have actually made a difference and where we can start learning and testing.

    Building a library of campaign experiments


    We are creating a Library of Campaign Experiments. This involves summarising the findings of academic papers in a way that they can be used by activists and making the knowledge held in these papers more accessible.

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  • Organisers

    Hannah O' Rourke

    Hannah is a political campaigner and active member of the Labour Party. With a background in political project management, she is passionate about building networks to make politics more open, collaborative and future focused.

    James Moulding

    James is a political technologist with a background in technology startups and political activism, he is focused on improving the capacity of the British left to both debate and deploy technology.

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    Newspeak House

    Newspeak House is an independent residential college founded to nurture, study and inspire emerging communities of practice in UK public sector and civil society.

    Labour Together

    Labour Together is a space for the Labour movement to discuss and debate the future of Labour and Britain; and to support and inspire collective action within the wider Labour movement.