• 2024 Projects

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    📚Electoral Commission Guidance Bot

    Built along with fellow Campaign Labbers Jethro, Lucy and Lefke. This bot uses the documents and pages from the electoral commission website as its source data. The bot allows campaigners to ask a question from it, provides an answer and then links you to the relevant parts of the website as sources!

    Who’s this helpful for? Candidates, Activists, campaigners, lobbyists, and Journalists!

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    🚪Doorknocking Training Bot

    Built by veteran Campaign Labbers Peyman and Ben! Hannah created 100 simulated personas, based on the More in Common seven segments using ChatGPT. Each persona had a different reason they would vote Labour and would open the door in a different mood. The LLM then acts as a different persona and the users then have a doorstep conversation. The conversation is then sent to the LLM to analyse and provide feedback based on a limited sample of 20 “good” doorstep conversations, guides, and training for activists. The bot then gives the user a score out of 10 and lists the strengths and weaknesses of their conversation. Check it out here!

    Who’s this helpful for? Activists and Candidates!

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    🗞️Leaflet Data Library

    New campaign labbet Ricky has scraped ~8000 leaflets from the election leaflets library and then used Chat GPT vision to start to analyse and classify them. This will be an open data set that more researchers can use to ask questions about the impact of leaflet designs and language. Check out the project and data here.

    Who’s this helpful for? Campaigners and candidates!

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    🖋️Votespeaker - A letter drafting tool

    Built by Campaign Lab volunteer Jethro, Votespeaker is an AI tool that allows you to draft letters to voters based on demographic and political data you might have about them. You can tailor your messages also to particular styles and tones. Try it here!

    Who’s this helpful for? Candidates, Activists, and Campaigners!

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