• 2023 Projects

    This year has been busy - here's a selection of some of the brilliant things our campaign labbers have built this year!

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    🔍Monitoring Conservative Funding

    The Conservative Party has accepted more than £27 million in donations since the 2019 elections, according to the Electoral Commission. Find out how much each industry has donated and what companies are making them with this website built by our amazing volunteer Geir.

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    🔔Remember to Vote

    A service to help people vote in elections by texting them a reminder to vote with the address of their polling station and a reminder to bring voter ID! Check out this project made by our amazing volunteers Harry, Curtis, Zac and Joe!

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    🤝Campaign Connector

    A tool to connect Labour election campaign organisers from across the country to share and discover strategies that work. Search for your constituency to find other similar constituencies which performed well in the last election. Get in touch to see how they did it! A tool created by our amazing volunteer Robbie!

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    📈What's your wage worth?

    A calculator which helps you work out exactly how much your wage is worth today in real terms compared to in 2010! A great calculator built by our amazing volunteer Harry!

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    🔗Whatsapp Link Extractor

    Are you a campaign organiser whose life runs on whatsapp? Got a lot of links stored in your whatsapp chats you need to collate and read? Use our handy whatsapp extractor built by our amazing volunteers Curtis and Harry!

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    🧩Postcode to new constituency boundary converter

    Are you a campaigner who needs to figure out how your postcodes map to the new constituency boundaries? Check out our postcode to new constituency boundary converter! You can also look up your new constituency here!

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    🐤MP Twitter Bio Tracker

    Featured in Politico check out our project that analysed the Twitter biographies of each UK Member of Parliament (MP) to see whether they mentioned their political party. Check it out here.

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