• About Campaign Lab

    Campaign Lab started in May 2018 off the back of a discussion at Newspeak House noting how strange it is that political parties undertake few if any retroactive analyses of campaigning strategies and methods.


    Thousands of activists across the UK volunteer their time and energy for electoral campaigns every year. Year in, year out, we use the same campaigning methods and tools we always have, because we think they work. But there has been limited contemporary work undertaken to assess the impact or value of electoral campaigning methods in the UK.


    We think this is pretty important so we set up a community of politically-minded progressive data scientists, researchers and campaigners who are working together to develop innovative election tools and improve the way we analyse and understand campaigning.


    If you'd like to help, consider joining one of our events and pitching in. If you think you can help in other ways, whether you'd like to partner with us, provide data or consider helping fund this work please get in touch at hannah@campaignlab.uk


    This is a taster of what we've achieved so far...since 2018.








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  • Our Board

    Karin Christiansen (Chair)

    Karin is the Managing Director of Datapraxis, a company that provides strategic advice, public opinion research, modelling and analysis services to political parties, non-profits, media and research institutes across Europe. She is the former chair of Open Knowledge International and the founder and a board member of Publish What You Fund - the global campaign for the transparency of aid. She was a commissioner on the Labour Together Election Review and was the General Secretary of the Co-operative Party in the UK.

    Edward Saperia

    Edward is Dean of Newspeak House, part of The London College of Political Technology, an independent residential college founded in 2015, with a mission to study, nurture and inspire emerging communities of practice across civil society and the public sector in the UK. He is also a co-author of 'Reorganise: 15 Stories of Workers fighting back in a digital age' and Director of the UK’s Civic AI Observatory. He runs the Tech for Good Organisers network and previously organised Wikipedia’s global conference in London.

    Jana Mills

    Jana is the Executive Director and founder of Small Axe, a cooperative not-for-profit campaigning agency which works to create movements that are progressive, hopeful and powerful, to inspire people to act on the most pressing issues of our time. Jana and his team bring together the core disciplines of digital, creative and organising to design and deliver with partners some of the most effective campaigns in the country, including Stop School Cuts and We Can Win.



    Ian Warren

    Ian Warren is the Director of Election Data, a consultancy specialising in election analysis, cartography, and demographic segmentation. He is also co-founder of The Centre For Towns, an independent non-partisan organisation dedicated to providing research and analysis of UK towns. With a decade of experience in political forecasting, Ian has worked for all of the main parties, including in a strategic role at Labour HQ during the 2015 general election campaign. He has a deep understanding of electoral dynamics both in the UK and the United States, correctly predicting the precise results in the 2008 and 2012 American presidential elections.

    Peyman Owladi

    Peyman is Managing Director and founder of Poteris, a team of tech experts with inter­disciplinary experience aiming to empower and elevate the capabilities of charities, campaigners, and change­makers. He is a long time volunteer with Campaign Lab with a keen interest in political technology projects. He has also been a campaigner and campaign organiser, including acting as an election agent, helping set up and run campaign groups, and co-managing a national network of organisers sharing experience and best practice.



  • Our Co-founders

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    Hannah O' Rourke

    Hannah is a political campaigner and active member of the Labour Party. With a background in political project management, she is passionate about building networks to make politics more open, collaborative and future focused.

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    James Moulding

    James is a political technologist with a background in technology startups and political activism. He is focsed on building up the UK's democracy network and exploring the power of networks and game design more broadly.

  • Supported by

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    Newspeak House

    Newspeak House is an independent residential college founded to nurture, study and inspire emerging communities of practice in UK public sector and civil society.

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