• AI tools from across the movement

    A library of AI tools and experiments from across the ecosystem. Many of these tools are experimental and therefore may return answers that are not relevant. If you know of any other campaigning AI tools that have been specifically developed do send the links to hannah@campaignlab.uk 

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    Ask Clem

    Built by Adam Dustagheer from Datnexa, AskClem.com is Lab23's experimental AI guide. Using ChatGPT and the guide Clem aims to help you find events and conference info. Read more.

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    Westham and Beckton.com


    Built by Ade Adeyemi , The West Ham and Beckton ChatGPT is a modified version of the Chatbot from OpenAI and Microsoft. As well as the broad range of information that the regular AI uses, this modified version has been exposed to a specific set of policies and information to help unlock the power of AI for the new constituency of West Ham and Beckton. Read more.

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