• About Campaign Lab

    Campaign Lab started in May 2018 off the back of a discussion at Newspeak House noting how strange it is that political parties undertake few if any retroactive analyses of election campaigning strategies and methods.


    Thousands of activists across the UK volunteer their time and energy for electoral campaigns every year. Year in, year out, we use the same campaigning methods and tools we always have, because we think they work. But there has never been any contemporary analysis or studies undertaken to assess the impact or value of electoral campaigning methods in the UK.


    We think this is pretty important. If you'd like to help, consider joining one of our events and pitching in. If you think you can help in other ways, whether you'd like to partner with us, provide data or consider helping fund this work please get in touch at info.campaignlab@gmail.com


    To find out more about Campaign Lab check out our guide on Github. This includes links to our data inventory, instructions for how to contribute outside of an event and links to our team chat on Slack.


    This is a taster of what we've achieved so far...








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